Located along the shoreline of the Ross Barnett Reservoir, Arbor Landing is proud to be the home of the last subdivision being built upon its waterfront. We are a hub of outdoor enjoyment with a front row seat to the beautiful sparkling shores of the Reservoir.

Enjoy the community that Arbor Landing has to offer by gathering in our clubhouse, a central point within our neighborhood. Adjoining the clubhouse is our waterfront pool, which offers you the best of both worlds. Parks are scattered about our neighborhoods providing our families a place to flourish and countless ways to play.

Explore the Rez in new ways with our marinas. Dock your boats in the same area as your house and experience the luxury of making a little piece of the Ross Barnett Reservoir your own. Not only is this your homestead, but we are also home to a bald eagle’s nest. We invite our residents to the convenient viewing area located in our neighborhood, where you can live with our resident eagle and it’s eaglets alike.

At Arbor Landing, we consider ourselves much more than a neighborhood development. We are your home.